Engineer Specifies Xypex to Protect Beijing Olympics "Bird's Nest"

Engineer Specifies Xypex to Protect Beijing Olympics "Bird's Nest" Stadium Beijing, China March 19, 2008 In 2000, Xypex products played an important part in the waterproofing and protection of the concrete used in the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. Now, in Beijing, Xypex crystalline technology is again a winning architectural choice where it is being used on the already famous "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadium.

Xypex Specified for Waterproofing J-PARC Synchrotron

Xypex Specified for Waterproofing J-PARC Synchrotron Tokai-mura, Japan April 17, 2008 The Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC) is a new high intensity proton accelerator using MW class high power beams up to 50 GeV – the highest beam power of any accelerator in the world. Xypex Crystalline Technology, because of its waterproofing effectiveness, resistance to the marine environment, and its compatibility with the radioactive process, was specified by major firms involve...

Xypex Used On Montreal's Largest Underground Reservoir

Xypex Used On Montreal's Largest Underground Reservoir   December 10, 2014 Xypex concrete waterproofing products were included in the renovation specifications for the restoration of the Rosemont Reservoir - Montreal’s largest underground water reservoir. The reservoir holds 227,000 ft.3 or 59 million gallons of water and is the equivalent size of four football fields by four football fields. Over 150,000 lbs each of Xypex Concentrate and Modified were used to waterproof, protect an...

Xypex'd "Sculptura" Pools in the Sky

Xypex'd "Sculptura" Pools in the Sky   October 09, 2014 Already well known in the Singaporean construction industry for its proven resistance against hydrostatic pressure in projects such as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Ion Orchard, Xypex Admix was used to waterproof the two level basement of the building. Xypex was also the chosen waterproofing system for the 14 m swimming pools projecting out from the tower.

Waterproofing One of London’s New iconic Buildings

Waterproofing One of London’s New iconic Buildings London, United Kingdom October 01, 2016 Moorgate Exchange is one of the first buildings in the UK to achieve both BREEAM Excellent and LEED Platinum ratings, and is an excellent example of how Xypex Admix can be used to simplify the production process of waterproofing and concreting.

Colombia Dam Waterproofed with Xypex Crystalline Technology

Colombia Dam Waterproofed with Xypex Crystalline Technology Medellin, Colombia October 05, 2016 The Porce 3 Dam near Medellin is classified as a concrete-face, rock-fill type embankment dam. A concrete footing (plinth) is required and constructed around the upstream edge, serving to connect the dam with the valley walls and floors. Its role is also to prevent water leakage around the edges of the dam. Xypex Concentrate was selected to ensure the proper waterproofing of the plinth as...

Xypex Extends Service Life of Critical Canal

Xypex Extends Service life of Critical Canal Shoshone, Idaho, USA June 20, 2016 Since its construction in the 1930’s the Milner-Gooding Canal has provided vital water to the Farmers in and around Shoshone, ID. Recently a concrete flume on the canal which was showing extensive deterioration due to freeze-thaw attack has been restored with Xypex crystalline waterproofing materials.   

Xypex – The Preferred Choice for Studio City Macau’s Foundations

General Construction Foundation   Studio City Macau Macau   The site for the new Studio City Macau project presented a special challenge because of its location on the reclaimed land of the Cotai Strip next to the South China Sea. Waterproofing of the foundations was a particular concern for the architect, builder and owners because to the potential for corrosion due of the chloride content of the high water table. After careful consideration, it was determined that the or...

Xypex Protected Building Wins Three Architectural Awards

    General Construction Foundation Pavlov Archeological Park Pavlov nr Brno, Czech Republic Having recently been named “Building of the Year 2016” by the Czech Building Academy , Pavlov Archeological Park has been awarded even further recognition. The German Design Council named the museum the “Best of Best” in their Iconic Awards 2017; and at the Cemex Building Awards the project was designated “best collective space”. The museum is located at the important ar...

Mixcoac-Insurgentes - Underpass Interchange

Tunnels, Wastewater Collection & Treatment       Mixcoac-Insurgentes - Underpass Interchange Mexico City, Mexico   The Mixcoac-Insurgentes underpass interchange was an extraordinary engineering challenge because of the architectural complexity and operative logistics of the project. The structural composition of the double tunnel, one directly above of the other, made this a very complex interchange. As the only double tunnel in Mexico City it spans over 1.3 ki...